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Trombone Quartet

The Wish - with Ukulele Solo

Composer: Anthony Gustav Morris

This was a commission from the "Wiener Posaunenquartett" (Vienna Trombone Quartet) which is made up of four of the members of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra. It was commissioned for their 2013 tour of Japan and China.
Ref: AGM-01022013
Commission (Anon)
8 Minutes
One Movement
Jun 2013

Status: Score and parts available (rental)

Quartet for four Trombones where the first trombone plays an additional Ukulele Solo as well as recites the text of a joke.
A technically very challenging piece which involves the first trombonist reciting the text of a joke and also playing a short ukulele solo for no apparent reason. Seen here in the picture in Beijing where a friendly associate was nice enough to take over the spoken text in Chinese. On the Japanese leg of the tour, Walter Voglmayr told the story himself in Japanese to the amazement and amusement of the audience.

Wiener Posaunenquartett

In the picture left to right:
Walter Voglmayr - Soloposaunist der Wiener Symphoniker
Reinhard Hofbauer - Tenor- und Bassposaunist der Wiener Symphoniker
Wolfgang Pfistermüller - Bassposaunist der Wiener Symphoniker
Otmar Gaiswinkler - Soloposaunist der Wiener Symphoniker
First Performance: Tokyo Sartori Hall Nov 2013