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Violin Concerto


Composer: Anthony Gustav Morris

Ref: AGM-2013-02-03
Commission (Anon)
20 Minutes
Jan 2011-Dec 2013 (new orchestration)
Status: Score and parts available (rental)
A Concerto for Symphony Orchestra featuring Violin
Solo Vl. Fl. Ob. Cl. Bsn. 2 Hns. Trbs. Trps.. 2 Hp. 2 Perc. Strings
A very accessible concerto for violin and orchestra in three movements but slightly unconventional in form. A slightly heavier orchestration in the first movement gives way to a lyrical section that in turn concludes with a lonely violin obligato over sustained string accompaniment. The second movement commences with a lively 6/8 section that belies the expectation of an adagio that does follow, leading to a scherzo virtuosic and positive Finale.
About the name: Some of my pieces have names that are made up of anagrams. An anagram, for me, is just a way of seeing letters arranged differently and therefore they give a different meaning to their original order. It can be amusing, it can be a complete misunderstanding, but, like with life, the components of many things can lead to a different outcome and understanding than was originally intended. Therefore this concerto has the name “Anagram” to avoid any misunderstanding, it is what it is, written with the best of intentions and written to express some emotions that should be fairly clearly understandable.
Dedicated to EJD, Lady Hallé (a character in violin history who is worth looking up) and Miss Mary Portman (the Honourable, who was a violinist, a very kind patron of the arts and benefactor also of Lady Hallé in her time of need).
First Performance: In preparation
Available Media:

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