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Educational Piece / Percussion

“CONCENTRATION I” / Canon for four percussionists

Composer: Anthony Gustav Morris

“CONCENTRATION I” is a percussion piece for students of all ages. It is a canon whereby 4 players (or more if you split the instruments up) start at different intervals. It is designed to teach basic rhythms in a slightly challenging way, to teach concentration and to teach an avoidance of distraction.

Please download the part, print it 4 times, start with 4 clicks before each instrumentalists enters and do the repeat. That simple.
Ref: AGM-2015-09-01
Commission (Anon)
1’50” at tempo 100
One movement

Parts available (download)

Video educational piece for Four Percussionists on any instruments as long as they can be hit.
First Performance: studio recording, see video
Available Media: DOWNLOADS

About Copyright. “CONCENTRATION I!” is ©2015 anthony gustav morris - agm digital arts GmbH - You can use this piece to print out and also to play along with but for nothing else without permission! That's fair isn't it? (Said he, wondering why anyone would want to do anything else with it, but one never knows these days with sampling and rap records...).