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Educational Piece / Trio

"OINK!" a piece for kids for Latex Pig, Trumpet and Piano

Composer: Anthony Gustav Morris

"OINK!" (or "Grunz! in German) is a (very) short piece. It has a rhythmic part for "pig". The recording exists without the pig part. Download it here and also download the music. Print out the pages and put these on a table, start playing the recording and have a (good) friend video you playing the pig part, see how you do first time! Simple as that, have a laugh, send the video to a friend on facebook and see if they can get it right, on video, first time.

Go on, I challenge you! It's not quite as simple as it looks/sounds
Ref: AGM-2014-05-03
Commission (Anon)
48 seconds
One movement

Status: Score and parts available (download)

Video educational piece for Trumpet, Piano and Pig

The piece is made for teachers as well as for children and adults who may have no experience whatsoever with written musical notation to enjoy. Too much emphasis is placed, I find, on "improvised" musical expression these days. Yes, kids love music but there should be some responsibility shown to musical heritage.

It is in the hands of music teachers to help kids understand that there is a musical vocabulary that, without which, people will have difficulty in understanding and appreciating literally centuries of repertoire. Some teachers who end up in the teaching profession, teaching young people instruments and musicality have left colleges of musical education knowing very little about musical repertoire i.e. heritage. No. don't get offended, it's not your fault, generally, it is the poor care and attention that has been given to ensuring good standards of education over the past decades. Yes, I can prove it, sadly. Gone are college syllabuses and with colleges now becoming "Universities", gone are the responsibilities to train for a specific profession.

"OINK!" is the most basic of basic short reminders for teachers to watch children enjoy and get pleasure from counting bars rest and the suspense of executing rhythm at a specific dictated time. Not just anyhow, but exactly as written! Now expand this simple reading exercise to learning musical notation. Please excite children to know that Jazz, improvisation, playing the latest TV tunes on an instrument by copying, these are all things that do not a lot to preserve a culture. Please note that if children are not taught, and if students leave college not having been taught at least a little of the vocabulary of classical music, generations of creativity will simply disappear. There are enough impersonators on this planet. It is time that students were taught with excellence and intelligence. "OINK!" is a reminder. Musical language is not a superficial common emotional bond, it is of more value, it speaks to a deeper place than we can't describe accurately or easily, it needs to be cherished! Repertoire needs to be taught and experienced. Please do this! OINK!

Be nice to pigs, these happy animals deserve better!

This is part of "The Portman Project" educational series.
First Performance: studio recording, see video
Available Media: DOWNLOADS

About Copyright. "OINK!" is ©2014 anthony gustav morris - agm digital arts GmbH - You can use this piece to print out and also to play along with but for nothing else without permission! That's fair isn't it? (Said he, wondering why anyone would want to do anything else with it, but one never knows these days with sampling and rap records...).